A right step towards sustainable packaging- The McDonald’s way

A right step towards sustainable packaging- The McDonald’s way

McDonald’s Corp is using recycled or sustainable fiber in all its restaurant paper food packaging.

In 2020, meals were packaged with recycled or certified sustainable fibers. Composting will be allowed in 25% of the company’s restaurants in the 30 biggest cities by 2020.

The company says packaging offers some of the best chances to promote sustainability and they also realize that improperly recovered or recycled packaging and plastic trash can negatively damage the planet.

It is also testing fiber lids and reusable cups, as well as paper straws and wooden cutlery. By 2025, the company wants all customer packaging to be renewable, recyclable, or certified.

Achieving a more circular economy and improving the packaging’s sustainability are priority aims for the organization. These techniques help build long-term company resilience, keep the communities clean, and safeguard the planet. They also recognize that the linear economic model of taking, making, and discarding materials can affect the environment and communities. That’s why the company thinks that the future of materials should be circular.


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