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Bitcoin miners are looking at nuclear power as a source of long-term energy -Schneider Electric Delivers on the Promise of Net-Zero with Future-Proof Sustainable Solutions to Combat Global Climate Change.

Schneider Electric’s products and solutions are built to help customers achieve their sustainability goals by facilitating the transition to open, interoperable, digital, and simplified systems that improve operations and drive smarter business practises.

India Goes Green: The Sustainable Development Model of Sikkim

With its commitment to implementing ecologically friendly policies, Sikkim is regarded as a thriving model of sustainable development.

In 2018, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) awarded Sikkim the Future Policy Award Gold Prize for being the first region in the world to have 100 percent sustainable agriculture.

Kia announces a commitment to become a “Sustainable Mobility Solutions Provider” and a roadmap to carbon neutrality by 2045.

By 2035, the Kia model range will be 100% electrified in Europe, with key worldwide markets following suit by 2040.

Honeywell is the first company to use microalgae to manufacture sustainable aviation fuel. Microalgae are tiny organisms that can be found in both freshwater and ocean. These bacteria carry out photosynthesis, which is an essential natural mechanism for lowering CO2 levels in the atmosphere.


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