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A purpose driven content and B2B community platform that leverages the power of storytelling and collaboration to inspire and influence consumers and businesses to go sustainable


TWIK GLOBAL helps your business expand, introduces you to new people and ideas, and allows your organization to make a bigger difference by working together. Your investment in TWIK GLOBAL also helps us promote sustainable, positive impact industry-wide”

-The internet is overloaded with lots of information and misinformation on climate and sustainability topics with complex definitions and technical terms. It’s confusing. It spreads negativities, is gloomy, and is not inspiring. We need a fundamental shift toward concept clarity, credibility, and facts. We intend to decode these.

-Global citizens and entrepreneurs should get a perspective and relevancy of this information to their own lives and businesses or jobs that they do which is currently missing in existing platforms.

-These perspectives will help them taking their own independent decisions toward climate change, and stimulate their critical thinking abilities and the required responsible behavior.


TWIK is a community of content creators, sustainability influencers, entrepreneurs, business experts, and others who want to build a sustainable world.

TWIK helps companies build a more resilient and sustainable future while promoting a more inclusive and equitable society.

-Provides “opinion and thought leadership” on climate and sustainability. It shares industry best practices, perspectives, and ideas by partnering with academic thought leaders, climate scientists, and practitioners to take sustainability forward.

-Partners with sustainable and conscious brands, driving climate consciousness through storytelling by implementing educational and brand awareness campaigns on the ground.

-Enables businesses to create their impact profiles, and helps them put purpose at the center of their work.

-Motivates consumers, and people, in general, to share sustainable product reviews, news, inventions, and other experiences from around the world to build an authentic information hub that people can trust and use to make conscious lifestyle decisions.


Democratizing sustainability


To educate people on sustainability and empower them with tools, and insights that they can use to live a sustainable lifestyle.

Targeting 50 million enterprises by 2023


Provide informative content on sustainable development that create impactful change and always them to interact within the community with similar values and leads them to a sustainable way of life.


Empower businesses with an online platform, having the right tools, and resources, exchange of best practices, and a cross-industry network of like-minded individuals to become sustainable.

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