About TWIK

TWIK uses the power of content, and storytelling to create an impact and influences individuals, consumers, and various stakeholders to live a conscious lifestyle, and entrepreneurs to create sustainable enterprises.

-Provides “opinion and thought leadership” on climate and sustainability. It shares industry best practices by curating content from multiple relevant sources, and partners with academic thought leaders and practitioners to take sustainability forward.

-Focuses on “researched content and analysis” of sustainable companies, products, innovations, and news around the world.  TWIK showcases sustainable entrepreneurs around the world and their impactful work in the form of blog posts, LinkedIn newsletter, video, and podcasts.

-Partners with sustainable brands to drive various campaigns on the ground and jointly promote sustainability.


Democratizing sustainability


To educate people on sustainability and empower them with tools, and insights that they can use to live a sustainable lifestyle.


Provide informative content on sustainable development that create impactful change and always them to interact within the community with similar values and leads them to a sustainable way of life.


Empower businesses with an online platform, having the right tools, and resources, exchange of best practices, and a cross-industry network of like-minded individuals to become sustainable.