AC, Sustainable Materials & Sourcing, SDG’s

AC, Sustainable Materials & Sourcing, SDG’s

Startup Treat from the US, making Next-Generation Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps for a More Sustainable Future.

Treau’s heat pump technology is the first of its kind. It is powerful, efficient, and planet-friendly. Treau uses R32, a next-generation refrigerant that efficiently carries heat and has a lower environmental impact.

-TARA collaboration positions India as Asia gateway for Betolar’s sustainable material technology innovation. Betolar, the Finnish materials technology company, has launched a new partnership with sustainable housing firm TARA – founded by former UN sustainability advocate and pioneer, Ashok Khosla. Betolar’s Geoprime solution replaces cement in concrete by using industrial side streams.

-Sustainable sourcing: Suppliers reinforce ethical strategies and explore tech advances Kerry, the Taste & Nutrition company, offers solutions that inspire food and nourish life all over the world. Kerry is implementing sustainable sourcing in the company using tech.

-Ananya Kamboj, from Mohali in India, who is just 17 years old, is the UN goodwill ambassador to BRICS. She is the Indian ambassador for football, peace, gender equality, youth empowerment, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

-SDG Exchange launches sustainability platform using blockchain to enable carbon credits trading

-Banks are becoming conscious driving the ESG goals and moving towards Good Banking A recent Infosys report says that financial inclusion, investor activism, and sustainable operations are getting mainstream


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