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Kia pledges to become a ‘Sustainable Mobility Solutions Provider’ by 2045

Kia Corporation announced its aim to become a fully sustainable, responsible, and creative mobility solutions leader by 2045. A virtual presentation on the ‘Kia Sustainability Movement’ […]

Bitcoin miners seek renewable energy from nuclear power

Sudock believes that previous subsidy programs and debates on renewable energy have mostly concentrated on solar and wind energy and have largely ignored the potential benefits […]

JBS establishes new vision for sustainable development objectives.

Ahead of the report’s release, Mr. Nogueira stated that the company’s goal is to “be the greatest in all we do”. We have never had more […]

Microsoft Launches a Sustainability Cloud and Promises a Zero-Carbon Energy Match

According to Microsoft Chief Environmental Officer Lucas Joppa, firms using this technology will be able to measure and report emissions across the value chain. Microsoft’s new […]

Progress and updates on the sustainability commitment by Microsoft

Microsoft is not only monitoring but also participating in these dialogues, in a sense mimicking them. A major new product offering will help customers throughout the […]

Supply Chain Crisis Creating Opportunities for Sustainability Innovation

The E-Commerce Revolution: Many retail businesses were forced to close for weeks or even months due to the outbreak. E-commerce enterprises that were able to quickly […]

Dutch food going sustainable

Dutch citizens are ready to pay more for sustainable food. As per recent research which says, Two-thirds of Dutch citizens like Dutch farming and agriculture. Growers […]

Cost-Effective & Sustainable Diet – something to look forward

Let us discuss what a sustainable diet is. Many Western European, American, Australian, and British regions are adopting vegetarian or plant-based diets. This adaptation is expected […]

A right step towards sustainable packaging- The Mc D way

McDonald’s Corp is using recycled or sustainable fiber in all its restaurant paper food packaging. In 2020, meals were packaged with recycled or certified sustainable fibers. […]

Eco-Friendliness During the Season

Companies are increasingly coming to appreciate the significance of long-term viability in building their brands. It is common for companies to provide sustainability reports to show […]
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