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Gender Equality

This video features Capt. Farah Khan Pethe, Airline Pilot at Jet Airways. She is also a motivational speaker and life transformation coach. She speaks about her […]

Power of Hemp and Sustainability

This video explains the usage of Hemp as a sustainable crop and its applications across the industry. Most importantly it disrupts the packaging industry because it […]

Reduce Environmental Impact on the Internet

Have we ever thought of reducing the environmental impact on the internet or digital? Never. However, some experts have been talking about ethical standards, the health […]

Can AI control and balance Climate Change?

The environment is key to all of us and technology plays a crucial role in balancing the ecological imbalances on this earth. However, humans have not […]

E-bikes: how sustainable they are?

E-bikes are a so-called sustainable way of commute these days, especially if you have visited any foreign countries you will see charging Stations near to your […]

Miracles with Money Plant

Have you ever tried to plant a tree or do something that gives you success, name, and fame? No? Then let us start planting a tree […]

Let Your Spirituality Flow…its all about searching within you!!!

Spirituality does not base on culture, religion, or castes rather it depends on an individual’s own self, his/her belief system, and self or soul. It is […]

Its time to move towards sustainable living

Sustainability is the core of our living, Post COVID, the whole world is talking about it, however, this was there for a long but we never […]

Empathy… Need of the hour

Do you have an empathetic nature? Have you ever tried to understand this concept? Have you ever tried to analyze the impact of being empathetic? Empathy […]

“Sustainable Thoughts”- with Care! & Help!

This video is about self consciousness or self care and self help and how can we bring sustainability in the life? Have you ever tried to […]


Why are people resigning across the world? What is the driving factor? In US- 4.3 million workers resigned in august 2021 In UK- Almost around a […]

Social Sustainability- “With Work-Life Balance”

Work life balance is key towards achieving social sustainability. UAE adopted 4.5 days of work hours in the offices (private companies can still chose their timings) […]
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