Cost-Effective & Sustainable Diet – something to look forward

Cost-Effective & Sustainable Diet – something to look forward

Let us discuss what a sustainable diet is.

Many Western European, American, Australian, and British regions are adopting vegetarian or plant-based diets. This adaptation is expected to reduce food and grocery bills by up to 34% and at least 22%.

Plant-based diets are more sustainable than animal-based diets because they use fewer natural resources and are less taxing on the environment. Conversely, plant-based diets are known to be better for the heart and blood sugar balance.

Everyone can afford a healthy and sustainable diet, but it takes strong willpower to stick to it. However, it is not suitable for low-income diets due to the high starch content.

A plant-based diet may be a more affordable way to support your health and the planet’s health. But it’s important to note that the model is limited. Systemic change may make it a solution for more people, but other changes must first occur.


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