Digitalization and decarbonization, both move in parallel

Digitalization, along with other trends such as climate change, globalization, and demographic change, is one of the developments that are reshaping our world. Digitalization, in and of itself, is neither beneficial nor detrimental to the achievement of climate goals. It all depends on how we choose to respond to it — whether we let it roll over us or use it to our advantage. New information processes, such as those relating to the environmental footprint of products, can help to increase openness. It is only when technology is incorporated into society as a matter of course that this transformation will be realized to its full potential: into organizational procedures, work processes, human behavior, commercial models, and political action.

Global megatrends such as decarbonization and digitization are causing a structural change in sectors and industries, as well as fundamentally altering old business models, according to the World Economic Forum. Switzerland’s enterprises can gain an advantage in digital competitiveness if they consider digitization to be a driver of long-term sustainability. In this situation, they must choose between a reorganization and adjustment of the business model and the probable loss of the foundation of the company. New business models have required that place sustainability at the center of all company activities: it is no longer enough to have an economic plan that works from a sustainability perspective; rather, it is necessary to have a sustainability strategy that works from an economic standpoint. As a result, the transition to a lower-carbon business model must become an important cornerstone in the overall strategy of any organization. The implementation of such a shift in direction necessitates not only cross-industry cooperation amongst businesses but also the development of a climate strategy, measurable targets, well-defined action plans, and reporting that evaluates the effectiveness of the measures taken.

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