Dutch food going sustainable

Dutch food going sustainable

Dutch citizens are ready to pay more for sustainable food. As per recent research which says, Two-thirds of Dutch citizens like Dutch farming and agriculture. Growers and planters are admired for their hard work and vital role in food production. People are more interested to stay in greener houses and more willing to explore green living opportunities.

A greenhouse next door

As per the report, living next to a greenhouse is not an issue for half of the Dutch. Only farms (77%) and solar fields (51%) are preferred to living near other economic activities like an industrial estate or a highway.

In the study, one of the Dutch representatives stated that many of the 1,038 persons surveyed were willing to pay more for a recognized Dutch product of good quality. Moreover, 65% of those polled said growers and market planters do not deserve unfair competition from imported products from nations with worse ecological, human, and animal welfare standards.


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