E-bikes: how sustainable they are?

E-bikes: how sustainable they are?

E-bikes are a so-called sustainable way of commute these days, especially if you have visited any foreign countries you will see charging Stations near to your housing complex or markets which makes it easier for people like us to recharge and use them.

The benefits of these bikes are, they can actually go inside smaller roads and can travel across the complex interiors of the market which probably cars or other scooters cannot go. If the roads are populated or much traffic, you can actually use these bikes and go to your destination quickly, you can commute to your office, etc. Now, the question is about its sustainability.

There is research in the US talks about it emits 202 GM of CO2 per km per passenger which is even 3x more than normal cars. Now we need to decide and do research upon its usage and environmental impact. What’s matters is cost Vs benefit Vs impact?


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