Full electrification of key markets by 2040

Most carbon emissions generated by mass vehicle manufacturers occur during daily use and on the road, helping customers achieve their mobility needs. For this reason, Kia prioritizes the transition from ICE to a fully eco-friendly car line-up. As a result, Kia will accelerate the implementation of its mid-to-long-term Plan S strategy. If you want to read more about the Plan S Strategy – Click Here (https://www.kianewscenter.com/news/kia-unveils-roadmap-for-transformation–focusing-on-evs-and-mobility-solutions/s/eb94f771-6969-4bb1-acd2-3543b8d6a425?cultureSeoName=GLOBAL)

Kia plans to entirely electrify its European fleet by 2035. From 2040, Kia will only offer electrified vehicles in important global markets, resulting in zero-emission daily driving. Kia will make tremendous advances in lowering CO2 emissions at this stage of the vehicle’s life.

To cut carbon emissions, Kia is collaborating with its suppliers. Kia plans to implement a carbon emissions monitoring system for its suppliers by 2022. This concept calls for the use of ‘green steel,’ as the steel sector has long been a major worldwide carbon emitter.

Green steel is steel manufactured with little use of fossil fuels.

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