Harmony is key to long-term sustainable living

Harmony is key to long-term sustainable living

Not only did the forests in India provide a home for the country’s flora and wildlife, but they also served as a vital source of sustenance for the various people that were in their immediate vicinity, and it is crucial to get a sustainable living. However, because of industrialization, climate change, and the spread of urbanization, a significant portion of such forested regions have been deforested or left untouched. It is about time that those in positions of authority came to the realization that if we do not integrate environmentally friendly technologies into our attempts to build new things, we will be sitting on a time bomb that could go off at any moment.

Because the process of modernization and consumerism in India has resulted in significant levels of pollution from automobiles and industries, there should be a real attempt to educate the public about the necessity of making choices that would reduce pollution.

For their part, governments ought to carry out a number of measures, such as enhancing transport and travel facilities in order to reduce the number of private vehicles on the road, introducing green fuel and green vehicles that adhere to the most recent global environmental norms, making citizens aware of and responsible for a cleaner world to live in, and phasing out harmful technologies that are gradually destroying our lifelines. To put a stop to migration, crowded metropolitan regions need to be made less crowded, and underdeveloped rural areas need to be improved.

It has been my experience that faith can play an important part in the preservation of the natural world.

According to ancient texts, back in the day, all of Bharat’s societies worked together to protect the natural world by adopting ways of living that were founded on principles such as reverence for the natural world, simplicity, and harmony. Therefore, the only way to build a world that is sustainable is for each of us to lead lives that are uncomplicated and in tune with both the natural world and ourselves.

Consequently, rather than pursuing a lifestyle that is driven by avarice, rivalry, and glamour, we should make decisions that encourage the conservation of energy and a cleaner environment. Rather than flaunting bigger cars and consuming products that are harmful to the environment, we should make choices that promote these goals.


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