Impact of Sustainability on Cricket

Impact of Sustainability on Cricket

Let’s have a quick look at how sustainability is disrupting the cricket world!

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-The #world‘s richest #cricketboard and league are attempting to be sustainable and #carbon#neutral. Here’s how (Source)

#bamboo cricket bats? #cambridge study suggests an alternative to willow (Source)

-How #cricket is getting #sustainable: By Russell Seymour (Source)

-Australian men’s cricket captain #PatCummins wants cricket clubs to install #solar panels to decrease costs and #carbon #emissions. He says the sport must do its part to combat #climatechange (Source)

-The #nigeria #cricket Federation (NCF) has partnered with The Middlestump to create a virtual cricket series (Source)

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My Thoughts!!

The concept of #sustainability is integral to the planning, management, and operation of sports, recreational, and leisure facilities. The practice of promoting sustainability can assist you in reducing operating expenses while also allowing you to make a significant contribution to the fight against #climatechange.

Sport can improve #foodwaste awareness and create educational efforts for a #sustainablefuture. Organizations can lead by sourcing food from responsible suppliers. There is a close relationship between cricket and #climatechange, since excessive heat and #rains can result in the postponement or interruption of #cricketmatches. Therefore, the importance of #sustainability is even more important in cricket and we need to adopt best #alternatives which are more efficient and sustainable in nature.

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