Influencer’s impact on Sustainability

Influencer’s impact on Sustainability

Today we are going to focus on how an influencer impacts the #environment and sustainability with his/her interesting and impactful content along with the fan base. Sustainable direct-to-consumer products have great relevance to hiring influencers to reach out to a larger audience quickly. Other brands which are into cosmetics, beauty and wellness products, and healthcare services do hire influencers to reach out to a relevant audience.

Influencers utilize their voices to promote change or a good cause. From health to the environment. As influencers increase their audience and personal brands, they see potential to construct their own products and transition from brand affiliate to empire builder. #influencers and their audiences are prioritizing eco-friendly items.

I have tried to capture some of the recent happenings around influencers, impacting the environment and sustainability in general!!

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#zilliqa supports #sustainablefashion innovators (Source)

#electrolux launches a #sustainability Squad to advocate for more #sustainableliving (Source)

-Prominent influencers jump into the sustainability track (Source)

-The most famous and stylish #LGBTQ influencers on instagram (Source)

#panerai Goes Green With Environmental Changemaker #JeremyJauncey (Source)

-Global green and sustainability speakers and events are eying India as an important destination in climate change (Source)

-Samsung interviews South African influencers about Earth Day (Source)

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My Thoughts

Young customers’ environmental worries are growing. Searches for “#sustainability ” climbed 37% in 2020’s first half. #genz and #millennials spend more on eco-friendly companies and products. #sustainableproducts expanded 5.6 times faster than non-sustainable ones, according to #harvard Business Review.

Today’s consumers demand company accessibility and transparency. Sustainability practices follow the same rule. Consumers don’t trust your brand, thus precise information is key. By communicating your brand’s sustainability stance, you connect with consumers on a personal, value-driven level.

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