It’s time to go sustainable with the help of Beagle Button

New browser extension, Beagle Button, recognises when a user is purchasing online and finds an eco-friendly match from its database of approved products.

It’s the latest digital tool for green shopping. It’s a browser extension that gives consumers eco-friendly and ethical alternatives to internet purchases.

The platform, which was beta-tested in 2020, is currently raising funds on Seedrs, with almost £360,000 contributed, greatly above its initial objective of £250,000.

The Beagle Button is a browser addon. No need to download an app to shop, it runs automatically when you visit an online shopping site.

As individuals browse online, Beagle will automatically suggest a sustainable, cruelty-free, and ethical option. It simplifies the process of finding better products for consumers, saving them time.

Beagle’s assesses products on five points:

•             Lower emissions

•             Lower waste

•             Less harmful toxic chemicals

•             Worker’s rights

•             Animal welfare

Within the plugin, users can even prioritise criteria based on their own values. As per the co-founder and CEO Daniel Helmsley: “The click throughs, the conversions, as well as the consumer and brand feedback has been fantastic. It just goes to show that the demand for sustainable shopping really is upon us.”

Even as e-commerce grows, new study suggests that customers are becoming more conscious about their online purchases and the brands they choose. Why not use one of the many new digital tools like Beagle Button?

If you’ve tried or thinking to try this extension. Please let us know your thoughts in comment section.

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