Making of sustainable and healthy food diets

Making of sustainable and healthy food diets

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This newsletter comprises news and developments around the world on sustainable and healthy food and its benefits to society!

Today, I thought of curating some news and developments in India and some other parts of the world on making our food diets sustainable. Let’s read on!!

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-Food #consumerism– How difficult it is to switch to a climate-friendly diet? (Source)

#Vegan meats hope to be the next “Paneer”- can we sustain the health benefits of it? (Source)

-A #sustainablediet will lead to fewer blood clots in the brain- As per the research (Source)

#continental #coffee (#ccl), a home-grown coffee brand, has launched its plant-based brand ‘Continental Greenbird’ in India (Source)

-70.5 percent of Indians can’t afford a healthy diet, says a United Nations report (Source)

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#denmark to launch a new state-run #climate label for food (Source)

#Organix is innovating on #packaging and texture- One of the biggest category shakeups in history (Source)

-Record-breaking #seafood production must undergo a ‘blue transformation’: FAO (Source)

-Can south-Africa give a new life to #sorghum(Source)

#sustainability and #nutrition can co-exist together (Source)

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My Thoughts-

The Healthy Eating Plate recommends filling half your plate with fruits and vegetables for a #healthydiet.

Reduce meat, try new #seafood, eat locally, eat mindfully.

#Fertile #land#water , #fertilisers , a stable climate, and energy guarantee a sustainable food system.

Consuming in a way that is sustainable requires making dietary choices that are beneficial to both our bodies and the environment. This refers to meals that not only contribute to the maintenance of a healthy body but also contribute to the protection of the natural environment.

If you are innovating around food-

and so on…

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