People and Planet-friendly building materials – The “Hempitecture” Way!!

People and Planet-friendly building materials – The “Hempitecture” Way!!

#Hempitecture is a Public Benefit Corporation with a focus on the most sustainable building materials on the planet. The company’s building materials benefit both people and the planet because they are derived from carbon-capturing, agricultural industrial #hemp, a non-toxic renewable feedstock

Dear Sustainable Readers,

Before I jump on a very niche and interesting topic for today which is “#Hemp” and its usage in the #construction industry, let me, deep dive, into the brief about “#HEMP”.

Wikipedia says-

“Hemp, or #industrialhemp, is a botanical class of #cannabis #sativa cultivars grown specifically for industrial or #medicinal use. It can be used to make a wide range of products.

Along with bamboo, hemp is among the fastest-growing plants on Earth. It was also one of the first plants to be spun into usable fiber 50,000 years ago. It can be refined into a variety of commercial items, including paper, rope, #textiles, clothing, #biodegradable plastics, paint, #insulation#biofuel, food, and #animalfeed”


Sustainable building materials are about choosing materials manufactured from resource-efficient processes such as choosing materials of a low embodied energy content, using locally provided and #renewableenergy sources, as well as selecting materials that contribute fewer amounts of #ghgemissions to the atmosphere.

Great Social Impact-

It has been demonstrated that sustainable construction not only leads to an improvement in the health of the people who use the buildings, but it also leads to an improvement in the productivity of the workers who construct them because of improved surroundings, work environments, and noise protection.

Some more information on hemp as a building material-

  •     One cubic meter of hempcrete sequesters 110kg of carbon. A 50-cubic-meter hempcrete house would lock up 5.5 tonnes of carbon during its lifetime.
  •     In a similar-sized ordinary new house, the walls would emit 48 tonnes of carbon. Every house created saves 53.5 tonnes of carbon.
  •     The carbon balance is far off, and building using hempcrete can drastically cut carbon emissions, making it a more sustainable material.
  •     Hemp absorbs more carbon per hectare than any other plant, including trees, because of its high growth rate.
  •     When harvested biomass is mixed with lime and used to build, it locks in carbon for the building’s lifetime. Lime compensates for its energy use by reabsorbing carbon dioxide as it sets. Most conventional building materials have high embodied carbon, meaning they release carbon dioxide during production. Hempcrete absorbs more carbon than it emits, making it carbon negative.

Here, we take this opportunity to introduce “Hempitecture” to everyone and their innovations in this special newsletter dedicated to sustainable materials and the work of Hempitecture globally.   

FOUNDING BELIEF– “Hempitecture was founded with the idea that healthy, sustainable materials can help build a better world. These materials can help build a better world by contributing to our health, saving energy, and storing carbon dioxide.

MISSION- To build a better world with better materials for people & planet.

Brains Behind Hempitecture-

Founders- Matthew Mead (Founder & CEO- In the left)
Tommy Gibbons (Cofounder & COO- To the right)

About Hempitecture-

Hempitecture is a Public Benefit Corporation with a focus on the most sustainable building materials on the planet. The company’s building materials benefit both people and the planet because they are derived from carbon-capturing, agricultural industrial hemp, a non-toxic renewable feedstock. Their primary product is HempWool® insulation, a natural fiber batt insulation product. They intend to be continually innovative, and therefore, are always considering developing new products, new ideas, and new partnerships.

Where is Hempitecture located at?

Hempitecture Inc. is headquartered in Ketchum, ID. Ketchum is a historic, western town synonymous with the Union Pacific Railroad. Home to innovators, recreationalists, and entrepreneurs, Ketchum and the surrounding Idaho area provides an unrivaled work-life balance.

Glimpses of Hempitecture’s operations and products are below-

Description of HEMP WOOL- The Insulation Star!!

Hempitecture’s HempWool is a thermal insulation building material that is good for you and our planet. Made of 90% natural fiber, HempWool is the safe, healthy, and sustainable insulation



HempWool is an ideal roof insulator and can be installed in between joists, rafters, or trusses easily. Depending on the depth of your roof assembly, you can layer HempWool together to reach a higher R-Value.


HempWool is cut to fit standard wood framing dimensions. Whether you’re using 2×4″ studs, 2×6″ studs, or double stud wall assemblies, there is a HempWool product that will work for you. 24″ or 16″ OC framing is infilled tightly with HempWool’s pressure fit system.


Floors are made quieter and more insulated by using HempWool #insulation in between floor joists. Whether you’re framing 24″ OC or 16″ OC, we have an insulation solution for you

 Partition Walls

Insulate your interior partition walls with #HempWool insulation for increased thermal and acoustic comfort. Insulating your interior walls makes the difference between a high-quality build and a build with an uncomfortable indoor environment.

Description of HEMPCRETE-


We work with fair & sustainably practicing farmers and processors in the United States and Canada to provide #hemp core to building grade specification.

From the earth and into your home.

Bound By Earth.

The importance of #hempcrete binder can never be underestimated and our products were carefully selected and tested to create long-lasting biocomposites that are resilient, healthy, and high performing.

Hempitecture uses a specifically formulated mineral-based binder that is ideal for bonding hemp core both in spray-applied and cast-in-place methods

Carbon Dioxide Absorbing.

The materials used to create hempcrete biocomposites absorb #co2 during the curing process. Additionally, CO2 is absorbed and offset during the life cycle of the industrial hemp plant. Few decisions in your construction program can take as much carbon out of the atmosphere as deciding to build with hempcrete.

Benefits of Hempcrete

  • Increased Energy Performance
  • Fireproof
  • Healthy
  • Save Money

Methods of Installation- (Please follow the below link)

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