Reduce Environmental Impact on the Internet

Reduce Environmental Impact on the Internet

Have we ever thought of reducing the environmental impact on the internet or digital? Never. However, some experts have been talking about ethical standards, the health of citizens using the internet, etc. Digital has its own way of impacting the whole world and its citizens. The way we use our electronic devices, phones, laptops is particularly important for impact.

When we destroy unused devices, it creates a large amount of electronic waste which is not good for the physical environment. We use these devices to get connected to the wide network and data flow occurs. Can we control the data flow and data traffic on the internet? The answer is yes, we can. Some simple methods and activities will help us improve the digital footprint.

Let us use Wi-Fi instead of 4G at home. Let us not throw 2 /3-year-old laptops and try using them for a little longer. Avoid live video streaming rather than use audio or offline. Limit your cloud usage, try to use the local folders. Use your emails effectively, don’t delete the emails or send them with lots of attachments.


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