Supply Chain Crisis Creating Opportunities for Sustainability Innovation

Supply Chain Crisis Creating Opportunities for Sustainability Innovation

The E-Commerce Revolution:

Many retail businesses were forced to close for weeks or even months due to the outbreak. E-commerce enterprises that were able to quickly manage warehouses and refill goods were able to take advantage of these interruptions. Supply chains will be severely pressured from Black Friday through Cyber Monday and beyond, therefore efficient operations will be critical.

Online retailing and the rise of e-commerce have benefited corporations like Amazon, which distribute their own products. For traditional merchants to compete, they’ve been compelled to become more efficient and use technology. Across the board, e-commerce has grown tremendously at my company, and we expect this trend to continue in the future.

Big online retailers like Amazon can leverage their size and scale to improve efficiency and provide additional services, such as supply chain management, customer support (including returns and refunds), returns processing and payments (and so on). They can get even more benefits over traditional shops because of this.

Sustainability is also being impacted by global disruption.


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