Sustainability and Cosmetics

Sustainability and Cosmetics

“Green” and “sustainable” cosmetics use natural, renewable ingredients. This production method avoids microbeads and petrochemicals. Utilizing trash, using healthy and natural ingredients in formulations, and using packaging that is good to the environment are all components of sustainable beauty.

Sustainable #personalcare market to reach $129.7 billion by 2031 (Source)

#algae Products Market for Cosmetics Worth $305.3 Million by 2029 – Exclusive Report by Meticulous Research (Source)

– #Clean #beauty, #diversity, and climate protection are top priorities for #douglas,  a German perfume and cosmetics retailer based in #Düsseldorf (Source)

-Demand for vegan beauty products rising amid COVID 19 and climate change (Source)

#Monoskincare, a  French-Hong Kong skincare firm is quickly becoming a leader in the field of #sustainable #beauty (Source)

-How beauty brands can create ethical #nfts (Source)

-Haus Labs is getting a makeover, and #ladygaga is using it to tap into the “clean” wave (Source)

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My Thoughts-

I am just thinking about sustainability of the cosmetic industry and how can we make the #supplychain , #distribution and #packaging sustainable? How do we use quality, #biodegradable #materials and ingredients in the manufacturing process? How do we use efficient #energy sources to light up our offices, and fuel the manufacturing process? How do we maintain the social impact towards our employees and factory workers who work day and night to produce goods and services? How do we ensure that we emit less #co2 out of our businesses? How do we manage our waste coming from the manufacturing process or from offices? There are many more such things that we should constantly think about to make this industry sustainable and profitable too. People say that #sustainable sourcing of materials is a costly affair, but we should collaborate and join hands with suppliers and vendors to make this happen and it needs a collaborative approach and better policies from the government.

If you are into the #beauty #cosmetics industry and innovating around sustainability, let’s talk!

We believe in the power of #collaborations (SDG-17) and bringing #sustainable development. We would love to partner with you and showcase what you are doing to the world!

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We focus on SDG-17- “Partnership for goals”

  • We promote your sustainability initiatives
  • We make sure sustainability is simplified and presented to your stakeholders
  • We collaborate and network with businesses and help you achieve #unsdgs by creating a #sustainablebusiness eco-system.

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