Sustainable Cities and Communities

Sustainable Cities and Communities

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Cities and communities should provide safe, affordable housing, public transportation, and green spaces. It says cities should be resilient to natural disasters, protect the vulnerable, and minimize economic loss.

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-4 Indian cities namely #bengaluru , #delhi , #hyderabad and #mumbai, among top 20 sustainable cities in #asiapacific (Source)

– Winners of UIA 2030 Award are projects located in Germany, Hong Kong, Argentina, Bangladesh, and China, that contributed to UN SDGs (Source)

-Kenya’s coastal communities plant ‘blue growth’ seeds with #mangroves conservation. (Source)

-Agriculture in urban areas can contribute to the #sustainability and livability of cities. (Source)

#sharjah sustainable city is coming up with lots of excitement (Source)

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My Thoughts-

Through urban planning and administration, a sustainable city addresses #social#environmental, and #economic impacts. Many sustainable projects are realized by introducing pedestrian and bike lanes. Waste removal orders limit landfill waste through regulations and fines.

While finding ways to aid the world is critical to #sustainability, decreasing expenses and establishing a thriving culture for citizens are equally important. Through planned infrastructure, public green areas, automated #waste management, and more, cities can leave behind a #netzero footprint for a more sustainable world.

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