Sustainable Living with Public Transport

Sustainable Living with Public Transport

It is impossible for a person to go from one location to another if they do not have access to appropriate modes of transportation such as bullock carts, boats, bicycles, or any other modes of public transport. Goods and other necessities can’t be moved either, which is another problem.

Public Transport

What is called public transport?

Public transit is one of the best methods to travel and enjoy your journey while being less comfortable than a personal car. As much as private flights, cabs, or cars allow you independence, public transport has endless benefits. Here are 20+ reasons to commute by public transit.

Public transport (sometimes called public transportation, public transit, or mass transit) is a shared passenger-transport service available to the public, unlike taxicabs, carpooling, hired buses, and transportation network corporations.

Reasons why you should travel by public transport?

  • You’ll ease traffic. Most traffic jams in cities around the world are caused by private vehicles and the desire for privacy and comfort. We also grumble about traffic.
  • You help reduce GHG emissions. States, groups, and environmentalists campaign for emission reduction strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Using public transportation cuts greenhouse gas emissions by more than half. Three to eight persons on a bus can lower emissions by half compared to one person driving alone.
  • You will be able to watch a lot of people traveling on the bus. People who travel are from diverse cultures and lifestyles. Public transportation lets you people observe and learn about different people’s personalities.
  • With public transit, you can relax, nap, avoid road rage, and avoid the stress of driving. During your commute, read or enjoy the view to enhance dopamine and reduce stress.
  • Public transportation can save you four times as much as driving your own car. Your personal car will require maintenance and other payments like parking, pollution, and speeding fines. By choosing public transportation, you’ll save money on miscellaneous automobile charges.
  • Public transportation requires extra walking between stations and boarding points for buses, planes, or trains. Such activity adds physical exercise to your regular travel habits.
  • Reduce fossil fuel use and natural resource depletion. Train, bus, boat, and tram travel saves on fossil fuel reserves and supplies that degrade the environment
  • Public transportation has specific travel routes. This is faster than driving alone. A cross-country rail excursion takes less time to reach locations than driving yourself.
  • Unlike cars, buses and trains are safer. Personal vehicle accidents cause more deaths than bus or train accidents. Globally, car accidents cause about 40,000 deaths and many more injuries annually. Public transportation reduces the risk of road deaths.

Disadvantages with public transport-

There is a possibility that the set schedules that public transportation adheres to do not perfectly align with the travel needs of some passengers. The individual’s right to privacy is severely violated. It is likely that there will not be any personal space available due to the high number of passengers.


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