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Clean Energy, Renewables, Sustainable Finance & Health

Adani Declares their Energy Compact Goals that Focus on Sustainable Development, Part of COP26. Adani green energy ltd and Adani transmissions ltd- commitment will also support […]

AC, Sustainable Materials & Sourcing, SDG’s

Startup Treat from the US, making Next-Generation Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps for a More Sustainable Future. Treau’s heat pump technology is the first of its […]

Reduce Environmental Impact on the Internet

Have we ever thought of reducing the environmental impact on the internet or digital? Never. However, some experts have been talking about ethical standards, the health […]

Can AI control and balance Climate Change?

The environment is key to all of us and technology plays a crucial role in balancing the ecological imbalances on this earth. However, humans have not […]

Eco-Friendliness During the Season

Companies are increasingly coming to appreciate the significance of long-term viability in building their brands. It is common for companies to provide sustainability reports to show […]
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