Why Choose US?

We observed a “scriptural” year in 2020 and it is still on. We saw Fires burned up across Australia for almost 80 days, a locust epidemic has devastated East Africa, and the Covid-19 pandemic has profoundly altered our way of life.

When things go south, we hope for better times ahead. They often do. In that case, the results in 2020 could only reflect how horrible things have gotten and how much we need a change.

Until recently, most of us were unbothered by sustainability. That said, their impact is too slow to be visible in our daily lives. This is rapidly changing.

Covid-19 has pointed out our weakness and justified severe actions.

●Consumers have found their consciousness.

●All employees cherish values.

●Today, sustainability is an economic requirement, not merely a differentiator.

●Measurements and reporting standards are already shifting.

●Finance is part of the solution.

●Technology will enable this shift.

Millennials and Gen-Z are clearly different from any prior generations. As the capacity to interact and learn more about a firm has grown in the last few years, companies have a rising desire to see programs, services, and investments that make a difference in the environment and the world.

However, there is a need to educate everyone on sustainability fundamentals and their real uses in life and business. Millennials need to understand the practical applications of sustainability and a global view of the same.

Twik.World is committed to take actions that directly impact the millennials, Gen-Z, and everyone in the society so that they take sustainability to the core of their consciousness and include this in their lifestyle. It will also create a larger impact on organizations worldwide due to the societal change that we bring with our platform.