Why SDGs?

The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint that will guide us toward a future that is better and more sustainable for everyone. They address issues on a worldwide scale such as poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, and the need for peace and justice.

17 goals for the planet, people, and economy

The Sustainable Development Goals aim to alleviate poverty, safeguard the earth, and improve every one’s life and chances. All UN Member States adopted the 17 Goals in 2015 as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which outlined a 15-year roadmap to fulfil them.

We are noticing a lot of progress, but overall, action to reach the Goals isn't moving fast or far enough. We need to act together towards achieving ambitious actions to achieve the Goals by 2030.

Now, more people live better than a decade ago. More individuals have better healthcare, work, and education. But Inequality and climate change challenge the rewards. Investing in inclusive, sustainable economies may boost shared prosperity. Though we have the political, technological, and economic solutions already exist, we need them to align with sustainable development goals, more leadership and prompt, extraordinary changes are needed.

TWIK Mission

To enable these efforts to achieve sustainable development goals.

How do we contribute toward sustainable development?

Acting as a sustainable advocate by promoting STEM education, innovation, and behavioural skills.

A sustainability advocate promotes human-nature balance. Keeping human civilizations and the environment in balance involves more than personal behavioural changes and skills. While we need to act on our inner personal development, we also need STEM that promotes the use of technology and science to solve various problems around the environment and sustainability in general.

It gives us new ways to innovate around engineering, science, and technology to re-invent the recycling process, explore rare earth metals, build innovative hybrid vehicles, make sustainable mobile phones, build sustainable buildings to live and so on and so forth. We promote and showcase sustainable innovations from around the world so that it becomes accessible for people to learn the techniques and probably use them for their benefit. We do it with the help of master classes and online training, newsletters, blogs, etc.